Video Discussion Questions

  • What scenes from the film made the most impression on you? Why?
  • ‘Svetlana’ has lost everything – her family, her country, her identity, her personal safety. How would you offer comfort or hope to someone in her situation?
  • This film is a news report from Al-Jazeera. How much, for better and for worse, does the media influence attitudes towards women and violence within your culture?
  • Human trafficking is a globalised industry, affecting every continent. 
    • What are the best things about living in a globalised world?
    • What are the biggest disadvantages?
    • Do Christians, as citizens of a ‘global village’, have specific responsibilities? What are they?
  • Women are often tricked into slavery by other women. How do you make sense of the relationships between victims and persecutors in the world of human trafficking?
  • What, if anything, can you and your communities do to alleviate the plight of today’s slaves?  

Bible Study Discussion Questions

  • According to you, what is this story about?
  • What possible themes comes out of this story?
  • Who are the main characters of this story and what do you know about each one of them?
  • Do we have women like Ruth and Naomi in our communities?
  • What are their stories?
  • How can we effectively journey with them?
  • How can we prophetically challenge socio-economic systems that keep on making widows vulnerable?
  • As a community of women and men, how can we ensure that we have kind hearted and un-abusive Boaz’s that will work for gender and socio-economic justice for all? 

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