Visite de "lettres vivantes" au Honduras

du 2-7 août 2009

An international ecumenical team that visited Honduras on behalf of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI) has encouraged the churches in Honduras to "accompany the people in their search for peace with justice and the re-establishment of democracy".

Visiting the Central American country 2-7 August as a Living Letters team, the ecumenical group stressed the need for "Christian voices be heard [...] in defence of human rights and in support of humanitarian actions". This is urgent since "violence has intensified with the passage of days" following the June 2009 coup that replaced the elected president by an interim government.

In a "Message to the churches of Honduras, Latin America, the Caribbean and the world", the team called for the end of "repression, arrests, forced disappearances and violence directed against the population and especially against women". Read more...