Living in the Security of God's Protection

Copyright WCC/Peter Williams

Psalm 91:1-6

This weeks Bible Study focuses on Psalm 91 and the protection of God. Rev. Milton Mejia wrote this study.  He is a Presbyterian pastor and professor of thelogy at the Universidad Reformada in Barranquilla, Colombia.

One of the worries of many people and especially of our governments is how to live protected from the different threats and dangers that exist today in our world.

Our governments and very wealthy people spend a lot of money on arms and vigilance in order to have security and protection, but the question is: Can arms and vigilance give us security? And how can we live in security and protected from so many threats?

Our experience and the Bible tell us that arms and vigilance do not guarantee security, but rather endanger our lives and the world.

Psalm 91 shows us that there are many dangers and threats; but God guarantees that we can live securely if we trust in His protection.  Brothers and sisters, the Bible and the experience of men and women of faith who dare to trust in God tell us that we can also put our confidence in God, and that we should celebrate with joy because in this world, which has so many threats, we can live with the security of the presence of God.

And so together, we the churches, the displaced people in Colombia and you can celebrate and give thanks to God because we can live and enjoy the security of living in the shelter of God’s presence.

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