• After the Montreal Massacre. Gerry Rogers: This film helps us come to terms with the murder of fourteen women at an engineering school in Montreal. It deals with how these murders relate to the larger picture of male violence that confronts women on the streets and in their own homes. The haunting images taken on the day of the massacre and in the days following set the stage for an exploration of the issues of misogyny, male violence and sexism.
  • You Can't Beat A Woman! Gail Singer (Director). Joe MacDonald and Gail Singer (Producers): This film, an unconventional exploration of violence against women, is a journey in and out of the lives of heroic women around the world. The video moves from Canada to Russia, South Africa, Israel, Japan and Chile to locate the phenomenon of violence against women. Filmmakker Gail Singer uses '70s footage, montage, intimate observation and dry wit to explore the question, "Why does this phenomenon exist?"