Annual Focus News

Blessed are the peacemakers… - Submitted, 7 June 2005

Young Ambassadors for Peace
Today's Prophets in the Philippines
Peacemakers in Tsunami-Affected Aceh

DOV and Art : April 2005 - Submitted, 7 June 2005

The DOV and ART was part of the launching of DOV Asian Focus last April 2005 in Chiang Mai, Thailand includes mural, installation art and creative presentation through DOV and Art Interest Group. All these creative outputs were collaborations of various artists to affirm the essence of solidarity and community as against individualism and self-centeredness. Descriptions of the three artworks are as follows:
Installation Art
DOV and Art Interest Group

Asian churches to deepen their commitment to overcoming violence in 2005 - Submitted, 5 April 2005

Asia has the potential to become economically prosperous in the near future, but it is also likely to see increasing disparities of health and wealth. These injustices are themselves a form of violence that may in turn lead to yet more expressions of violence in the region. This potential scenario makes the focus on the Asian region in 2005 by the Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) all the more relevant. read more...