14. avr 10 - 16. avr 10

Educating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Leaders for Service in a Multi-Religious World. The American Seminary Context.

Boston, United States of America


Sponsors: Andover Newton Theological School, Hebrew College, Boston Theological Institute


Location: Andover Newton-Hebrew College Campuses


Conference Purposes:


How do we best educate future religious leaders for service in a society of increasing religious diversity? What experiences, knowledge, and skills are necessary to function effectively as an inter-religious leader?


We cordially invite you to our conference with the following goals in mind:


  1. To share successes and challenges in the sphere of inter-religious learning and leadership within seminaries and in related fields
  1. To discuss the future of the field of inter-religious learning and leadership in American theological education and beyond
  1. To explore areas of meaningful inter-religious engagement for clergy and religious leaders

The conference organizers wish to thank the Fetzer Institute and the Henry Luce Foundation for their generous support of this gathering and of related activities.


Sessions include

Interfaith Leadership in a Broken World

· Marc Gopin, George Mason University

· John T. Pawlikowski, Catholic Theological Union

· Nadia Roumani, University of Southern California

· Gloria White Hammond, My Sister’s Keeper


Moderator: Joseph Montville, Abrahamic Family Reunion Project


Additional details and conference schedule can be found at: http://www.bostontheological.org/events.html